Please read following instructions carefully to make sure you are fully prepared for the TOPIK test at IIG Vietnam:


  1. Candidates take full responsibility for providing accurate information and complying with the regulated specifications during the registration process.
  2. Candidates must print their Test Admission Form in color, on A4 paper size, portrait size, as instructed in the email titled “Important: Your Candidate ID Number and Test Room Information”. The printed form must be brought on the day of the test.

  1. Candidates must bring an original and valid ID card/Citizen ID card/Passport/Birth certificate (original or an official legal copy) along with the Certificate of Identity Confirmation (Document used to register for the test) on the day of the test. Failure to do so or the information stated on your ID document does not match with that provided in the registration form will result in disqualification from the test, and the test fee will not be refunded.
  2. Candidates must ensure that ID document and photos on their test profile comply with the Requirements on ID Documents and Photos for the TOPIK Test. Failure to do so will result in disqualification from the test, and the test fee will not be refunded.
  3. If a candidate is unable to bring an identity document that matches the one used during registration due to objective reasons such as police revocation, damage, or loss, they may use other identification documents to take the exam. However, the candidate must provide a scanned copy of the identification verification letter issued by the police and their personal information to [email protected] no later than two days after the test date.
  4. Candidates are allowed to bring and use correction tape.
  5. Candidates will be provided with a double-sided pen during the test and must only use the provided pen. To understand how to fill in the answers on the answer sheet, please carefully read the Instructions for Completing the Answer Sheet.
  6. Prohibited items in the test room include all electronic devices such as cell phones, digital cameras, MP3 players, electronic dictionaries, pens with cameras, electronic calculators, smartwatches, Bluetooth headsets; and food. Candidates who bring prohibited devices into the test room must turn off all power, sounds and alarms, and submit them to the proctor before the test time. If the proctor discovers prohibited items in the candidate's bag or the submitted electronic devices make sounds or noises during the exam, the candidate will be handled according to the test regulations.
  7. Candidates are not allowed to bring any drinks into the test room, except water bottles; however, only drinking water in transparent plastic bottles which are not labeled or marked with any characters or symbols is accepted.
  8. The exam fee is non-refundable, and candidates are not allowed to change or cancel their test schedule under any circumstances, except for regulated force majeure cases (please refer to the Policies and Terms of Payment for TOPIK Test). Candidates shall not be admitted to the test and not be entitled to receive a refund if: The registered ID information does not match the original ID document, or Does not bring original ID document/ Bring invalid ID document, or The candidate’s legal name is completely different as it appears on the Test Registration Form, or There is no visible photo on Test Registration Form or no proof that the test taker is the very same person who registered for the test.
  9. Candidates must take the exam at the correct test site as registered (cannot change the test site arbitrarily).
  10. Candidates must be present at the correct test room at least 30 minutes before the announced test time. Late candidates will not be allowed to enter the exam room.
  11. Candidates must sit in the designated seat in the test room before the end of check-in time, after which candidates will not be allowed to enter the test room.

Check-in time and test time



End of Check-in time






Section 1


Until 09:10



100 minutes




Section 1


Until 12:20



110 minutes



Section 2


Until 15:00



70 minutes


  1. If a candidate needs to correct the information declared on the application on the day of the test, they must read the Regulations on Adjustment of TOPIK Test Taker Information and follow the proctor's instructions.
  2. Candidates are not allowed to leave the test room during the test time. In case of force majeure events that the candidates must go out of the test room such as using the restroom due to illness, candidates must quietly raise their hands to signal to the proctor and need to follow the instructions of the hall proctor to prevent frauds (except for emergencies).
  3. In case candidates quit the test midway due to illness or other force majeure reasons, they must sign a commitment form and their test results will be cancelled. In addition, candidates who quit the test midway will not be allowed to leave the test site until the end of the test time to prevent frauds.
  4. Candidates must strictly follow the test room regulations and the proctor's instructions. Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK) is a product of which National Institute for International Education (NIIED) is recognized as the copyright holder and is prohibited by law from publishing, copying, or circulating without the permission of the copyright holder. Cases of intentional violation will be subject to civil and criminal liability and will be banned from taking TOPIK test. In case of cheating or violating the regulations of the test, IIG Vietnam will handle such violations according to the Regulations for Handling Violations During the TOPIK Test.
  5. Candidates should log in to their personal account on the website to update information related to the exam.
  6. Certificate of Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK) is valid for 2 years from the score announcement date.
  7. Within 4 weeks from the date of receiving the notification of test results, candidates should contact hotline 1900 636 929 if they find their personal information incorrect. However, cases with incorrect information due to the candidate's self-error will not be supported with correction.
  8. Candidates who require special support should send an email to [email protected].


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