To help all candidates be fully aware of all identification regulations when registering for the TOPIK Test, IIG Vietnam would like to specify the regulations as follows:


  1. Regulations:
  • To register for the TOPIK test, candidates must use the original copy of one of the following ID documents: ID card, Citizen ID card and Passport.
  • Candidates who are under the age to be legally granted ID documents (i.e. ID cards/ Citizen ID card) or have not possessed a Passport will use a copy of the Birth Certificate (the original or an official legal copy of birth certificate) and a Certificate of Identity Confirmation with a photo, border stamp and signature of the institution where the candidates are studying. (Noted that neither a photocopied nor a notarized copy of the Birth Certificate is accepted). Please download the “Certificate of Identity Confirmation” form here.
  • Candidates who possesses 12-digit ID card, Citizen ID card, or Passport (with 12-digit ID card/Citizen ID card indicated) or in case there is a need for information verification, IIG Vietnam has the rights to request candidates to provide additional original documents such as Household Registration Book, 9-digit ID card, passport with 9-digit ID card/citizen ID card/ 12-digit ID card/ Police verification document/…
  • For foreign candidates, passport is the only identification document accepted.
  1. Specifications:
  • ID card/ Citizen ID card/ Passport: must be valid and original, not peeled/torn/crushed. The document must have photos, signatures, and original seals of the police. The details on the document must be clear with no signs of modification.
  • ID card: no silk-screen or plastic-screen printing, no iron borders, no peeling / tearing / open blanks, clear information & affixed seal required.


  1. Size: 3x4 cm, not including the white frame. Do not use the 4x6 cm photos or wrong size photos that have been resized in any manner. The size of the image file is not less than 10KB and does not exceed 200KB, of 354 * 472 pixels.
  2. The candidate’s photo is clear, sharp color with fully recognized facial contours.
  3. Specifications:
  • The candidate’s photo must be taken no more than 3 months before the registration day.
  • Do not use scanned or digitally interfered photos.
  • The candidate’s photo must be taken from the front, with a clear face, without sunglasses, neat hair (completely revealing the face), bare head, formal clothes.
  • Selfie photos are not accepted.
  • Only the original card image file in jpg format should be uploaded.
  1. Ineligible photos include: photos that are taken by phones or scanned; photos in black and white; unrecognizable blurry photos; photos of the candidate with hats, sunglasses or headphones or with long bangs; photos taken from incorrect angles (from top/bottom/left/right side); photos of the candidate with other people’s faces or objects.



IIG Vietnam