To help all candidates comply with requirements and policies when registering for the TOPIK Test, IIG Vietnam would like to specify the regulations as follows:

  1. Candidates must register their account on the official webpage of IIG Vietnam and complete the application form following the posted instructions.
  2. Candidates make sure to self-insert all required information and upload a 3x4cm photo ID document as instructed. Candidates take full responsibility for the declared information. In case of any violation, candidates will bare all responsibilities as regulated.
  3. Candidates can only register during the registration time when the portal is open. When the registration time is over or when the seats are fully occupied, the registration portal will be closed, and no additional registrations are allowed.
  4. To complete the registration process, full payment must be made within 30 minutes after Candidates complete the registration form to turn to the payment page. Exceeding this duration of time, candidates have to start the registration process over again. Registration is confirmed successful only when full payment is made, and candidates receive a Confirmation of Payment email from the system.
  5. Candidates are required to carefully read the “Requirements on ID and Photos for the TOPIK Testand make sure that the provided ID document and photos meet the stated requirements.
  6. Candidates are required to carefully read the “Policies and Payment Terms of TOPIK Test” before moving to the payment page in order to ensure their rights.
  7. Candidates should check their registered email after receiving confirmation from the system in order to ensure that they receive all needed information and instructions. In case candidates do not receive email/ notification from the system within 24 hours after completing the registration process, candidates should contact our hotline 1900.636.929 for further assistance.
  8. Candidates will not be able to cancel registration or change the test type after completing the payment process and receiving confirmation from the system.
  9. Provided that candidates need to adjust their profile information, candidates should carefully read the Regulations on Adjustment of TOPIK test taker information.
  10. Candidates shall not be admitted to the test and not be entitled to receive a refund if: The registered ID information does not match the original ID document, or Does not bring original ID document/ Bring invalid ID document, or The candidate’s legal name is completely different as it appears on the Test Registration Form, or There is no visible photo on Test Registration Form or no proof that the test taker is the very same person who registered for the test, or Provided personal information has two and more incorrect elements (e.g. lack of letter(s), wrong middle name, wrong date of birth, etc.)
  11. The test fee will only be refunded under the following force majeure circumstances:
  • The test cannot take place due to natural disasters (earthquakes, fires, heavy rains, snowstorms,...)
  • Unable to take the test due to contracting infectious disease with legal confirmation or due to personal accident, being admitted to the hospital on the test day, the candidate is required to provide a medical certificate from the hospital.
  • The candidate or their immediate family member(s) (grandparents, parents, brothers, sisters, offspring, and spouse) has died and thereby cannot take the test, the candidate needs to provide a death certificate and documents proving the family relationship.
  • The candidate cannot take the test for special reasons accepted by IIG Vietnam.

The deadline to submit a (valid) refund request is 05 working days from the date of the exam.

For instructions on the refund procedure, please send an email to (morning from Monday - Saturday: 8:00 am-12:00 pm, afternoon from Monday - Friday: 13:30-17:30).



IIG Vietnam