To ensure you have the most comprehensive and accurate information regarding taking exams at IIG Vietnam, we are pleased to provide the specific regulations as follows:

1. Be present at the test center 15 minutes before the test time.

2. Dress politely. Do not wear shorts, sleeveless t-shirts or tank tops to the test center.

3. Registration Form must be printed beforehand according to the instructions in the confirmation email.

4. On the test day, you are required to bring to the test center your original ID card/Citizen ID card/Passport (which must be valid, in good condition, and neither re-laminated nor damaged) and Registration Form. If you are not eligible to have an ID card/Citizen ID card, bring your Birth Certificate, and other related documents (if required).

5. Do not enter the exam room without permission from the test administrator.

6. All other personal items are not allowed to have in the testing room and must be kept in the designated locker. Test centers assume no responsibility for test takers’ personal belongings. Only the original ID card/Citizen ID card/Passport, Registration Form, related documents (if requested), and locker key (if applicable) are allowed to have in the testing room.

7. Behave appropriately and follow all the test procedures including security check and ID verification. ID verification at the test center may include thumb printing, photographing, signature comparison, or other forms of electronic ID confirmation.

8. Sit in the correct position as instructed by the test administrator. Do not leave the test room until the test ends. In case of an emergency (such as unexpected illness), notify the test administrator immediately.

9. Do not manipulate anything on the computer until the test administrator allows you to do so. Follow the test administrator’s guidance.

10. Check your personal information, username, type of exam, exam language displayed on the screen before starting. Inform the test administrator immediately in case of any mistakes or problems.

11. Keep silent in the test room. Cheating of any kind is prohibited. Do not discuss test questions with anyone or look at the other's computer screen during the test.

12. Do not tamper with the computers or any other devices in the test room. Do not perform any action on the computer outside the test window.

13. Under no circumstances may test content or any part of the test content be removed, reproduced by any means.

14. When the test time is up, do not leave the test room until the test administrator notifies you to do so. Test takers are not allowed to discuss or disclose the test content by any means.

15. Under some exceptional circumstances, as required by employees, IIG Vietnam has the right to unilaterally disclose test takers' test results to the employees to serve the recruitment process and post-inspection.



1. Failure to comply with test administration regulations or instructions provided by the test administrator before, during or after the test will result in nullification of test scores and suspension of taking ETS tests for two (02) years within the Indochina area.

2. Any serious or repeated violations will result in nullification of test scores and suspension of taking ETS tests for three (03) years in the Indochina area.

3. If a test taker does not cooperate in investigating the claim of violation or commit an extremely serious violation, the test taker may be permanently prohibited from taking any future IIG services.

4. During the test session, if any violations of the individual or the whole Examination Board have not been detected timely, after the exam, the Disciplinary Council of IIG Vietnam has the right to unilaterally cancel the exam results of the test takers who commit the violation.

All frauds will be handled or prosecuted in accordance with applicable regulations of Vietnam law.

With kinds regards,

IIG Vietnam