To provide you with the most comprehensive and accurate information regarding the regulations for rescheduling and scheduling IT tests at IIG Vietnam, we are pleased to announce the specific guidelines as follows:

1. Rescheduling Your Test Registration

  • You are allowed only one opportunity to reschedule your test registration.
  • You must reschedule your test no later than 02 days before your appointment.
  • Rescheduling fee: 50% of the test fee.
  • You are allowed to reschedule the test to an available slot at your initial test location.

2. Canceling Your Test Registration

  • Cancellation deadline: For candidates who register at IIG Vietnam offices, the minimum deadline to request an exam cancellation is 02 working days before the exam date.
  • Cancellation fee: Candidates who cancel their exam on time will receive a 50% refund of the exam fee. Candidates who miss the exam on the exam day or cancel the exam later than the specified deadline will not receive a refund of the fee.


  • For exam rescheduling or cancellation procedures, candidates or Authorized person must present directly at IIG office.
  • For exam rescheduling or cancellation procedures, candidates can use the Authorization Letter template to grant permission for someone else to perform these procedures on their behalf. The authorized individual must present the ID card/ Citizen ID Card/Passport, the Authorization Letter, and the Registration Form of the test taker.

With kind regards,

IIG Vietnam