To ensure you have the most comprehensive and accurate information regarding taking exams at IIG Vietnam, we are pleased to provide the specific regulations as follows:

1. Register an account on the official and only website of IIG Vietnam: https:// online.iigvietnam.com/ and complete the application according to the instructions.

2. Fill in the form on the online registration page with accurate information; upload 3×4cm ID photo and identification documents according to instructions and take responsibility for the information declared. Any violations will result in appropriate actions taken in accordance with regulations.

3. You can only register for exam slots displayed on the system and can choose up to 3 exam shifts for each exam day.

4. To complete registration, you need to make payment within 30 minutes after completing information and moving to the payment page. After this time, to continue registration, you need to go through the registration process from the beginning. You will be recorded as successfully registered only when you have completed the payment procedures and received a payment confirmation email from the system.

5. Read the Regulations on identification documents and the Requirements for ID photos carefully to ensure that identification photos and documents comply with the regulations.

6. Read the Payment Policy and Terms carefully before proceeding with the payment step to ensure your rights.

7. Check your personal email immediately after the confirmation steps from the system to ensure you receive full information and instructions. In case you do not receive an email/notification from the system within 24 hours, please contact IIG Vietnam’s hotline at 1900 636 929 for support.

8. Once payment is completed, and confirmation has been received from the system, you are unable to cancel your registration or make any changes to your selected exams.

9. You will be refused the exam and the exam fee will not be refunded on the tests day if you violate one of the following cases: providing registration information that is entirely incorrect compared to ID documents; failing to bring ID documents or presenting invalid ID documents; full name on ID document is completely different from the full name on the registration form; submitting a registration form without an ID photo or failing to prove that the test taker is not the registered candidate; containing two or more inaccuracies in personal information (such as missing characters, wrong middle name, wrong month of birth, etc.).

10. You only receive a full refund in the following force majeure cases:

- In case of not being able to take the exam due to a legally confirmed infectious disease or personal accident resulting in hospitalization on the test day, you must provide a medical certificate from the hospital.

- If you or your immediate family member (limited to grandparents, parents, siblings, children, and spouse) pass away and cannot take the exam, you must provide a death certificate and documents certifying family relationship.

- In case you cannot take the exam due to exceptional circumstances accepted by IIG Vietnam.

For instructions on refund procedures, please send an email to [email protected] (Monday - Saturday morning: 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m., Monday - Friday afternoon: 1:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.).

With kind regards,

IIG Vietnam