Payment Time - Applicable to Online Payment

Candidates must complete payment within 30 minutes after filling out the information form and proceeding to the payment page. After this time, to continue with registration, candidates must restart the registration process.

Payment Confirmation Time:

An email confirming test registration and associated services will be sent to the candidate's registered email address within 24 hours. If the email is not received, please contact the hotline at 1900 636 929 for assistance. Candidates are considered successfully registered only after completing the payment process and receiving a payment confirmation email from the system.

Change, Cancellation, and Refund Policy:

For detailed information, candidates are encouraged to refer to the Change, Cancellation, and Refund Policy specific to their exams.

Payment Policy:

Candidates pay fees on the IIG Vietnam website at https://online.iigvietnam.com/.

The website is linked with the VNPay payment gateway, providing a completely free and secure online payment channel.

This payment channel enables candidates to transact quickly, accurately, and securely anytime, anywhere, and eliminates the risks of cash management. Candidates can use ATM, credit, and debit cards from various banks to make payments.

Notes on Using the Online Payment Channel:

  1. Candidates must meet the age requirements specified by law to use and are responsible for any problems that may arise in using online payment services.
  2. The candidate warrants to be the legal user of the credit/debit card/ATM card used for online payment on this website.
  3. Candidates must provide complete and accurate information when using the online payment function. If the candidate enters incorrect information, IIG Vietnam reserves the right to refuse the transaction.
  4. Candidates must not use the online payment system on this website to (i) affect the accessibility of others or the website's operation; (ii) intentionally use methods to transact or obtain unauthorized information; or (iii) engage in any other unlawful act.
  5. In addition to the purposes of information collection stated in IIG Vietnam's Customer Privacy Policy, the candidate agrees that IIG Vietnam may use their personal information for processing and performing tasks related to online payment. Candidates' personal information will be protected in accordance with the Customer Information Privacy Policy.
  6. If the card issuance bank requires fees other than the published test fee, IIG Vietnam cannot intervene.
  7. For fraudulent or fake transactions, IIG Vietnam will handle them in accordance with VNPay's regulations and the law.

The candidate acknowledges that making an online payment on the IIG Vietnam website indicates agreement with this Payment Policy.

If any content of this Payment Policy is not agreed with, please suspend the transaction and exit the "Online Payment" page.

Transaction Currency:

Transaction currency is VND.



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