To ensure you have the most comprehensive and accurate information regarding identification document regulations for registering and taking exams at IIG Vietnam, we are pleased to provide the specific guidelines as follows:

1. Regulations:

  • For TOEIC, TOEIC Bridge, TOEIC Speaking & Writing, TOEFL Primary, TOEFL Junior, TOEFL ITP, TFI, and IT tests, candidates must present original copies of one of three accepted types of identification documents: ID card, Citizen ID card, or Passport.
  • If you are not eligible to have an ID card, you need to bring your Birth Certificate and an official confirmation letter with your photograph (refer to IIG’s template) together with other related documents (if required).
  • In case candidates use a 12-digit ID card/Citizen ID card/ Passport, or if additional information verification is necessary, candidate should bring the original documents such as Household Registration Book/9-digit ID card/ Passport / Citizen ID card/12-digit ID card /Police confirmation.

2. Specifications:

  • ID card/ Citizen ID card/Passport: Each document must be valid, original, and free from peeling, tearing, or creasing. The document must display a visible photograph, signature, and police confirmation stamp. The printed details on the document must remain clear and unaltered, with no evidence of editing.
  • ID card: The card does not have a silk-pressed or plastic-pressed finish, creases, torn edges, or peeling. The information and police confirmation stamp on the card must be legible and free from alterations.

3. Additional Documents: Student Card

For candidates who are currently students must present a valid student card when registering for the TOEIC and TOEFL ITP tests to benefit from preferential exam fees. The student card must meet the following requirements:

  • Card Specifications: must be original and in good condition with the information clearly printed.
  • For college students, the card must show your full-time student status.
  • As for the card with no expiration date, the validity duration will be calculated as follows:

+ 2-year college: 3 years after the start year (as of October)

+ 4-year college: 4 years after the start year (as of September)

  • Language: The information on the card should be in either Vietnamese or English.

If your student card cannot meet the above-mentioned requirements, do prepare a Student Status Verification letter with your school’s stamp and authorization representative’s signature which is issued within 30 days.

With kind regards,

IIG Vietnam