To ensure you have the most comprehensive and accurate information regarding taking exams at IIG Vietnam, we are pleased to provide the specific regulations as follows:

1. Register on IIG Vietnam's online registration page to complete your application; select the exam, and choose the appropriate time frame before visiting the test centers to complete the registration process.

2. Fill in the form on the online registration page with accurate information; upload 3×4cm ID photo and identification documents according to instructions and take responsibility for the information declared. Any violations will result in appropriate actions taken in accordance with regulations.

3. Registration Form must meet the specifications according to the instructions in the confirmation email and must be printed beforehand. Candidates must be present at the Registration Counter of IIG Vietnam at the scheduled time to complete the exam registration process. In case the candidate does not appear at the scheduled time, IIG Vietnam has the right to deny service provision.

4. For candidates who choose to "Receive results directly," the test results will be available for collection at the Registration Counter on the specified date indicated on the Registration Form. When collecting the exam results, candidates are required to present ID card/Citizen ID card/Passport along with the Registration Form. Alternatively, they may provide an Authorization Letter authorizing someone else to collect the results on their behalf. The authorized individual must present the ID card/ Citizen ID Card/Passport, the Authorization Letter, and the Registration Form of the candidates.

If candidates opt for "Free Postal delivery," the exam results will be sent to the personal address they registered during the exam registration process.

5. Complete the exam registration process by making the exam fee payment either in cash or via bank transfer.

6. For candidates with disabilities or those requiring medical assistance during the exam, please contact IIG Vietnam's hotline at 1900 636 929 for the necessary support and instructions before proceeding with the registration process.

With kind regards,

IIG Vietnam