Welcome to the Test of Proficiency in Korean - TOPIK organized by IIG Vietnam! To register for the test, please read and follow the below instructions:

  1. Required documents
  • ID photo size 3x4cm in jpg format. The size of the image file is not less than 10KB and does not exceed 200KB, of 354 * 472 pixels. The ID photo should comply with the requirements here.
  • Photographs of the front and back of identification documents (Citizen ID card/ID card/Passport/Birth certificate & ID verification letter for candidates who are not old enough to apply for Citizen ID card/ID card) should meet the following criteria: Balanced and properly cropped photo that covers all relevant information; The photo should be clear and of high quality; The size of the image file should not be less than 10KB and not exceed 500KB.
  • Identity documents in compliance with IIG Vietnam’s requirements here.
  • Bank account/ card connected to such online payment methods as VNPAYQR App, domestic card and bank account; international payment cards; VNPAY e-wallet.
  • Information provided: Full name (Vietnamese); Full name (Korean); Date of birth; Identity number (ID card/Citizen ID card/passport); Contact address; Contact number; Email; Test details (selected according to test schedule on the system)
  1. Online registration steps

Step 1: Access the link: – the official website of TOPIK test

Step 2: Create an account following these steps:

Select Login   ->     Individual customer    ->      Create Account 




Candidates must enter the correct email address to receive confirmation email from the system. Candidates must access their email to verify registration success and log into their account to register for the test.

Step 3: Register for the test: Select TOPIK I or TOPIK II accordingly. Candidates can check the information about TEST SCHEDULE, TEST LOCATIONS as well as REGULATIONS AND INSTRUCTIONS of TOPIK test in the respective tabs on the website.


Step 4: Provide personal information for candidate profile (Candidates need to prepare a 3x4 ID photo and identity documents as instructed above to upload to the system)

  • For first-time registering candidates, all information must be fully inserted to the exam registration form.
  • How to enter information in the Full Name section:

For Vietnamese candidates:

  • Full name in English: Write your Vietnamese name without accents, identical to the information on the identification document you used to register and take the exam. Do not create a new name.
  • Full name in Korean: Write the Korean name transliterated from your original Vietnamese name. Do not create a new name.

For foreign candidates:

  • Full name in English: Write your English name exactly as it appears on your passport.
  • Full name in Korean: For Koreans, write your Korean name as it appears on your passport. For non-Koreans, write the Korean name transliterated from your English name. Do not create a new name.


  • For candidates whose test registration information has been archived, the system will automatically display the previously declared information. Candidates can adjust the information on that profile, except for information of their Vietnamese Full Name, Date of Birth, and Gender.



  • For candidates who register to take for two consecutive tests in the same test period, the candidates’ register information for the second test cannot be changed.


Note: After uploading the image, align the image to the correct frame and then click on "Crop" to save the file.

  • After successfully uploading the image file, please carefully review the status of the uploaded image. If the image is distorted, misaligned, or if the picture frame appears black, it will be considered invalid. In such cases, candidates have the option to upload a new photo to correct any errors.

To ensure that you have the most up-to-date interface and access to the latest features when registering for the exam, please follow one of the options below before proceeding with your registration:

  • Option 1: Use the CTRL + F5 key combination to refresh your browser. You can perform this action 2-3 times to ensure a complete refresh.
  • Option 2: Clear your browser cache
  • Option 3: Use an incognito browser session to access the registration page.

Step 5: Enter test details with test region and location that candidate wishes to take the test

In case the test seats at the chosen region/location are fully occupied, candidates must select another test region/location available.       

Step 6: Read and confirm your agreement


Note: Candidates need to carefully read the contents and tick the statement "I hereby agree to the following terms and conditions" to ensure that they have read, understood and agreed to comply with all regulations and instructions of the test.

Step 7: Confirm the registration information has been declared correctly

In case candidates have declared the correct registration information, please select “Continue” to proceed to the Payment step.

In case candidates need to check and adjust registration information, please select “Back” and edit. 

Step 8: Process the payment


  • Candidates need to proceed with the payment by completing “Pay Now” process within 30 minutes. Exceeding this duration of time, the system will no longer reserve the test seat and the candidates have to start the registration process over again.
  • Candidates are advised to carefully consider and select one of the following payment methods: QR code payment/ Domestic card or bank account/ International payment card/ FPTPAY e-wallet. In case candidates would like to change to a different payment method from the one they selected at first, candidates will have to start the registration process again.
  • During the payment process, candidates are advised NOT to click on the “Back” button on the toolbar of the web browser. Instead, they can select “CANCEL” button below the payment interface to start the registration process again.

Step 9: Test registration confirmation

The system will automatically notify the results of test registration and successful payment on the website and to the registered email. Candidates need to regularly check their email (including spam) to make sure they receive the test registration and payment success confirmation.


Step 10: Information on the Candidate ID number and test room.

Once the test registration process is completed, the system will sort out the test room and registration number. The Candidate ID number and test room will be sent to the registered email 2 weeks before the test date. Candidates must regularly check their email (including spam) to make sure they receive this notification.

In case candidates do not receive email from the system 02 weeks before the test date, please contact IIG through email: [email protected] or hotline 1900.636.929 (Monday through Saturday Morning: 8:00-12:00, Monday through Friday Afternoon: 13:30-17:30)

  1. Note:

Candidates should read all the Regulations and Instructions carefully to make sure they understand the rules related to the exam.

  1. Candidate Support

In case of technical problems, please contact IIG through email: [email protected] or hotline 1900.636.929  (Monday through Saturday Morning: 8:00-12:00, Monday through Friday Afternoon: 13:30-17:30)

We wish the candidates to complete the test with flying colors!


IIG Vietnam