Hướng dẫn thao tác đăng ký dự thi bài thi AP

Registration instructions for AP exams

Required: review overall AP registration process, policies, and deadlines on the AP page here before continuing with the instructions below.

Hướng dẫn dự thi kỳ thi AP

Guidelines for AP exams candidates

Eligibility to test: - Only high school-affiliated students can take AP exams, at either their own enrolled high school or at other AP-authorized high schools and test centers. The high school-affiliated cohort includes: students actively enrolled at a high school, or high school-level students who are homeschooled, participate in independent study, and/or attend virtual schools; and any actively enrolled students who may be prepared to take an AP Exam prior to the ninth grade, or recent high school graduates who need a specific AP Exam for university admission.